People are always talking about how much they love summer, but for me it’s way too hot and humid. There are ways to get around that, like spending time on or in the water, but I don’t like sweating and I’m not currently fit for summer wear, so I feel like my options are limited.

There are some great things about the season. I love that the sun stays out much later. I like that there’s no shortage of things to do around the region, and that travelling is generally easier. I’m also not much of a fan of driving in the snow, and the weather isn’t typically as treacherous as it can be in the Winter. The snow itself is fun, but let’s get real; people just can’t drive in it.

body of water between green leaf trees
Photo by Ian Turnell on

Please give me the Fall season. I love my friends, and I like to socialize now and again, but I’m not a big people person. I need my alone time, and Fall is perfect for that because it’s cool enough to spend some time outside. I’m so ready to hike and get back to nature. You can hike in the summer, but it’s usually too hot by 10am to want to do so for long, and I’ve never been a big morning person. With Sunday’s being my only full day off, it’s been difficult to do all the things I would have liked to this past summer anyway, so I’m looking forward to spending some time in the wilderness.

It looks like Fall might finally start tomorrow, at least per the weather forecast. I’m having a hard time letting go of certain things right now, so I think getting some fresh air and exercise will do me some good. Maybe getting out in the wilderness will help me clear my mind and reach that mental reset I’ve been looking for.


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