Core Values

See my post about Core Values here.


Integrity, Personal Truth, Genuineness

  • I have goodness in my heart. I will never hurt someone intentionally, and I will strive not to hurt someone unintentionally.
  • I believe in honesty. If you ask my opinion, please be prepared to hear it. I will hold onto your secret if you ask me to, but I will not take sides between friends.
  • I aim to do the right thing in all situations. I strive to be consistent and reliable with my actions, reactions, and overall behavior.
  • I hold myself accountable. I accept personal responsibility for my mistakes and failures without blaming others for my choices. I will not play the victim. Where possible, I will strive to make things right, but above all, I will reflect on what I have learned to avoid repeating the same errors.
  • I am true to myself. I will not follow others for the sake of saving the peace. It does not matter if my beliefs or opinions conform or do not conform to the society around me. It does not matter if I am considered “basic” or downright weird due to my thoughts and feelings about an idea or issue. If a person I like is willing to change their mind about me because I think or feel differently, I will not become someone else to please them. I will not change to become someone else’s idea of who I should be.


Acceptance, Living for moments, the Long Game

  • I understand that balance, like happiness, is not constant. Life occurs from moment to moment. The key is in accepting this uncertainty and focusing on the long game.
  • I prepare, but I understand that things may not turn out exactly as I had planned. (Sometimes they may even turn out better than I have imagined).
  • I aim for a healthy balance by focusing on the situations I can control and making changes where desired.
  • I strive to accept situations that are out of my control, including the reactions and emotions of other people. I try not to dwell on such circumstances, but instead, recognize them as a fact of life.
  • I listen to my body, mind, and soul to become aware of my wants and needs in each moment. I may not always be able to fulfill those wants and needs immediately, but I prioritize self-care.


Growth, Open-mindedness, Passion

  • I am committed to lifelong learning. There are always new things to discover, whether about ourselves, other people, or life. We must keep digging.
  • I believe in questioning everything, although I understand that we can never really know or understand it all. Sometimes a lack of response can itself be an answer.
  • I find ways to keep life interesting. Even in the seemingly dull moments, curiosity allows us to discover novel ways of looking at otherwise boring situations or tasks.
  • I recognize that even if something is already working well, it can still be improved. Sometimes adjustments are necessary to stay relevant. Life is ever-changing, so we shouldn’t allow ourselves to continue at a standstill. Get out of that box!
  • I seek out views that differ from my own. I understand that everyone won’t feel the same way I do, and I remain open to other points of view.

Make a Difference

Meaning, Impact, Inspiration

  • I strive to make a difference in the lives of others. I acknowledge that life isn’t all about me, and I understand that helping others is often mutually beneficial.
  • I aim to inspire and uplift others instead of bringing them down or crushing their dreams. I won’t stab someone in the back to get ahead. There is room for all our success.
  • I consider how my behavior will impact the people around me. I act with intention and reject thoughtlessness in all I do.
  • I focus on the good in life. There is enough negativity in this world without me having to add to it. I choose to focus on and spread the positive.
  • I attempt to be a positive example for others to follow. When I do fail, I accept responsibility for it, learn from it, and move forward.


Observation, Perception, Awareness

  • I consciously observe my thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in each moment to foster self-awareness.
  • I recognize when it’s time to make life changes, set or enforce boundaries, or otherwise put myself first.
  • I observe the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of others in each moment without judgment.
  • I understand that my perceptions are my own, and I don’t allow my emotions to drive my decisions. Instead, I make decisions based on logic and reason, paired with a healthy emotional response.
  • I strive to be attentive and thoughtful with others. I do my best to take others’ thoughts and feelings into consideration when making decisions, especially ones involving them directly. I will not; however, make choices or decisions which put me in toxic situations.


Quality Over Quantity, Value, Excellence

  • I take pride in providing quality goods and quality service. I will not cheat, cut corners, or otherwise sacrifice quality to achieve an easier or faster result.
  • I strive for excellence in everything I do. I perform to the best of my current ability, and I proactively search for potential improvements to my skills or processes.
  • I ensure that I have the proper resources to offer peak performance. I pay close attention to details to maintain accuracy and thoroughness.
  • I believe in quality in my relationships. It is better to have one or two friends who offer true love, loyalty, and depth than one hundred acquaintances who won’t stick around and support you. I cherish relationships where “the bones are good.”
  • I will actively explore ways to improve my relationships, especially when it comes to communication and unconditional love.